About Us


Your Trusted Wildlife Professionals

We are a company founded by a South Carolina local, Justin Ludy, in 2010. Our service area includes the entire states of South Carolina and North Carolina. If you live anywhere in the Carolinas and have a problem with wildlife at your home, business or commercial site Palmetto Wildlife Extractors is here for you.

Our Guarantee to You

When wildlife moves in, leaving behind dirty and dangerous waste, we step in and make everything right again. We take pride in doing our job the right way, following professional protocol to remove animals with the least amount of harm, when possible. It doesn’t matter how big or small the animal is, we can help remove it.

We require everyone who works for us to be professionally trained, experienced, and have respect for animals. We work by the book and use all the right gear to protect our workers while they gently and professionally capture and transport animals to their natural habitat when possible or take away their remains. After removing a species, we deodorize a place to remove any bad smells that might be left over by animals and the biological waste they leave behind. The last step is sanitizing the area which the animals contaminated. Many animals carry dangerous diseases or make places unsanitary with droppings and other detritus that they leave behind.

Palmetto Wildlife Extractors of SC and NC

We are not just here to carry out a job. We care greatly about our employees, and make sure they stay safe and have excellent training before they are sent to help our customers. We are a locally run business and we love to help people, no matter how big or small their problem. We are proud to be one of the few companies in the area certified in alligator removal.

If you are at all unsatisfied, we offer a one-year guarantee upon completion of wildlife removal, remediation, and prevention. We stand by our work, and expect the best from our company. We are more than happy to fix anything that still needs to be addressed. Contact us today to find out how we can help you remove wildlife or clean up after them.

My experience with Palmetto Extractors is: SOLUTION ORIENTED! From my own investigating of rodent infestation & what I believed to be sound, humane extraction to finding the right person/company to actually do precisely that! I am beyond thrilled with Justin's expertise & gracious willingness to be of utmost helpfulness in assisting us in ridding our home of such wildlife nuisance. Get the problem solved= call Palmetto Wildlife Extractors TODAY!
Catherine S. Baker