Frequently Asked Questions

Palmetto Wildlife Extractors offers expert wildlife removal, remediation and prevention for homes and businesses throughout South Carolina, including the communities of Columbia, Anderson, Charleston, Florence, Greenville and Spartanburg.

Here are some common questions you may have about the wildlife removal process and how we can rid your property of nuisance animals:

Can a regular pest control company take care of my nuisance wildlife?

Pest control companies generally focus on insects, and often use poison. When dealing with wildlife, you need an experienced team that is familiar with safe removal of all types of animals from your property. At Palmetto, our team is made up of wildlife removal professionals, while pest control companies are typically exterminators.

Do you also eliminate termites, roaches and other insects?

No, we do not have a pest control service at our company. We specialize in wildlife control exclusively and have years of experience ridding your property of a wide variety of critters, but not insects. Search online for “pest control” specifically, if you need help with an insect infestation.

Do you use poison when removing wildlife from the area?

Poison does not solve wildlife control problems and we don’t feel that there is a place for it in our business. Beyond this, we want to ensure that your home and pets are safe, so avoiding poison makes sense. We typically trap animals for release in the proper rural environment. We specialize in removal services and make sure the nuisance animals are gone for good (from your home or office building). Some animals may be euthanized if found to be diseased.

What kind of traps do you use?

We have a number of traps and removal options, and we choose the method that fits the animal and the situation. If possible, we use live-capture traps (cage traps) and all trapping methods we use are permitted by the state. You can always ask your technician which trap they intend to use for your property.

Do you clean up animal nests or contaminated areas?

We safely eliminate wild animal feces and nesting material. We also treat contaminated areas so that they are safe for your family, or your business employees and customers.

How long have you been in business?

Experience definitely counts in wildlife removal services. We have 8 years intensive experience removing nuisance animals in the Columbia, SC area and throughout the states of North and South Carolina.

Do you have a license for wildlife removal?

We maintain a nuisance animal trapper’s license issued from the state fish and game commission-and a business license.

Are you insured?

We are licensed and insured, so that you can trust us to work in and around your home or business. Our general liability insurance provides protection for you, the customer, in case of an accident or injury on your property.

What is the average cost to remove wildlife from my property?

Each job is unique, with different animals and property layouts. We provide a fee estimate after evaluating your specific wildlife removal needs, but before beginning any work.

What type of guarantee do you offer?

Our friendly staff members are focused on customer satisfaction, and we stand behind our work. Each customer who completes all 3 steps (full service wildlife removal, remediation and prevention) is eligible for our 1-year guarantee.

Your Trusted Wildlife Removal Professionals in SC

If you have additional questions, call on Palmetto Wildlife Extractors and we’ll be happy to help. When you need nuisance animals removed from your property, our expert team will manage the abatement process every step of the way. We are based in Columbia, SC, with offices in North Charleston and Greenville, SC, as well as in Charlotte, NC. We serve customers throughout the states of NC and SC. Contact us online or call 1-855-465-1088 today!

Can you help me with all types of wildlife?

We can remove most types of nuisance animals you might find on your property here in North and South Carolina including: alligators, bats, beavers, birds, coyotes, opossum, raccoons, rodents, skunks, snakes, squirrels and more. If you have a trespassing animal not on the list, just give us a call. (For stray or feral dogs or cats, call your local city/county animal control.)

Can I call animal control for free help with nuisance wildlife?

City and county animal control services are typically focused on cats and dogs (strays or domestic animals). For assistance clearing wildlife from your property, contact a state licensed wildlife extraction company, like Palmetto.

What about stray or feral cats and dogs?

Please contact your NC or SC local animal control division for help removing or catching a dog or cat. We deal with wildlife only.

How should I rid my property of unwanted wildlife?

We do not recommend that you approach any wild animal. Besides the danger of being bitten, scratched or otherwise injured, wild animals may carry disease, such as rabies or parasites, which they can pass to you (or to children or pets). In some cases, you might hurt the animal in your attempt to remove them from your property. We urge you to call Palmetto Wildlife Extractors for expert assistance. We have years of experience with all kinds of wildlife found in the Carolinas and can safely remove the animals, provide cleanup of the area and prevent them from returning.

Folks these guys are wonderful. I had a bat issue in my home and was unsure where to turn. I ask around and found that the reputation of this company is top notch hands down. When I called I was scheduled for an assessment in a day or so, and then when Justin arrived he put my mind at ease. Justin explained every aspect of a bat infestation and even went as far as telling me that bats move from place to place. This is one company I can truly say I will recommend and if there is any issue at this house, they will be called. Thank you Justin for being godly, kind and a professional man. Sincerely, Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown