How to Get Rid of Nuisance Birds

A lot of us have had birds in our yard. Normally they keep their distance and go about their own business, never impeding in our lives. However, some of us know all too well the problems associated with birds when they get too close. They spread diseases, make our houses and yards messy and unsanitary and can even give some of us the willies, especially after watching Alfred Hitch-cock’s movie The Birds. So, how can you effectively get rid of these pests while staying safe at the same time? It can be a lot more difficult than you think.

So, here we will look at a few ways that do not work and the one sure way to rid yourself of these pests.

The wrong way

There are many hardware stores that sell bird removal items; however, as most of us will soon discover, they do not work. It is just their way to squeeze us out of a couple of bucks with a supposedly cheap, easy and surefire way to remove our pesky little uninvited guests. There is truly no magic device or spray available that will get rid of these birds.

Many retailers may claim that their plastic owls will easily scare away your intruding birds, but this rarely if ever works. They may also try to push some kind of ultrasonic sound transmitter that is sure to aggravate your birds enough to make them leave. Guess what? This won’t work either. There is also an old household solution to this problem that involves the use of mothballs or ammonia-soaked rags, but those who have tried these solutions know that they do not work.

The one true way

There is only one way to remove birds from your property. You should call in the experts. You need to get a local wildlife removal company to come in and safely trap and remove each and every bird. You do not want to handle these birds alone because you do not know how to safely remove them, the laws in your area and you do not want to come in contact with all the germs and parasites on these birds.

A trained professional will know the laws in your area, how to safely remove the birds and how to stay safe from the parasites and diseases associated with these unwanted guests. They can also properly clean and sanitize any areas the birds have come in contact with making it even safer and more convenient for you.

When you have a bird problem do not hesitate to call in the professionals. You can try all the supposed quick fix options from your hardware store, but in the end, you can rest assured that they will not work. Then your only option will be your local wildlife control organization.

So, you should stick with what works and put an end to wasting your time with all the do it yourself solutions that never works.

Nuisance Birds

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