If you have unwanted wildlife that has decided to take up residence or stop by to visit your home, give us a call and we will be happy to come out and remove the animal from the premises.

Our inspections include color photos and detailed descriptions of the problem areas in and around the structure. Once we have identified exactly what kind of wildlife is causing the problem we make the necessary arrangements to capture or trap the animal. We never use poisonous foods in our traps since they could harm your family or pets. We believe in using nonhazardous materials only. The team at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors loves and respects wildlife, which is why we do all things ‘by the book.’

Not sure what critter may have gotten into your home or business? Here are some common nuisance animals and signs you may have them:


These creatures are prevalent here in the SC area and can cause significant damage to your property. You may see them entering or exiting through holes in your roof or siding, at dawn or dusk. If you notice bat guano (feces/droppings) in your attic, you probably have bats hanging around. Bats can carry rabies and parasites. Avoid touching (or breathing in an enclosed area near) bat droppings due to health risks. Call Palmetto for expert bat removal and decontamination.

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These critters may be cute, but they can also create havoc if they take up residence in your home or business. Your eaves and attic crawlspaces make tempting, sheltered nesting areas. Telltale signs of squirrels include gnawing, scratching and pitter-patter noises, in the early morning or during the day. Besides the nerve-wracking sounds, squirrels can damage electrical wiring and insulation and even gnaw holes in your siding, so call on Palmetto Wildlife Extractors.

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Expert dam builders and tree-fellers, beavers living near humans can create a hazardous situation. Signs of nearby beavers include: dam building or burrows/lodges on riverbanks, reservoirs or near water sources. Beavers cause damaging deforestation or water pollution in the environment when they become too numerous. They can block drainpipes and do damage to your home structure. Palmetto Wildlife Extractors is your solution.

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These creatures look like large mice with long snouts and a “naked tail” growing up to 3 feet long and weighing, on average, 4 to 7 pounds. They may build burrows under your deck or in the attic. Opossum may bring parasites and odors to your home, and gnaw wiring, insulation and wood beams. They may bite family members or pets if they’re cornered, and can carry rabies. Contact Palmetto Wildlife Extractors for hassle free removal.

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Mice or rats, like other animals on this list, carry parasites like fleas, disease and leave infected droppings in your home. They’re typically seen only at night and can cause property damage such as gnawing through electrical wiring. Electrical fires are a possibility. Prevent damage by contacting Palmetto Wildlife Extractors.

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Snake bites are a common fear, however not all snakes are poisonous. Black snakes and garden snakes are harmless and prevent rodent infestations. Even so, we never recommend getting close to or interfering with a snake. Rattle snakes, copperheads and water moccasins all have triangular heads and have eyes that resemble a cat with slit shaped pupils. Snakes with these features are almost always poisonous. Again, we strongly encourage you to stay away from snakes. If you believe you have a poisonous snake let the professionals at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors carefully handle it.

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If a gator makes his home in your pond or stream, you need a state-certified handler to make your property safe. Gators can wander into your yard and are obviously very dangerous, especially to kids and pets. Males can reach nearly 15 feet and weigh a ton. Keep calm and call Palmetto Wildlife Extractors immediately.

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Noisy, nocturnal raccoons love to rummage through your garbage cans and munch your carefully tended garden. They may nest and rest during the day in your attic–or block your chimney, filling your home with smoke. Palmetto Wildlife Extractors will remove raccoons humanely from your house or business premises.

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If you see skunks walking along in your lawn or on the patio at night, remember they have the right of way! Besides carrying parasites and diseases, and being noisy–the calling card of a skunk is his smell. Be prepared to bathe your dog or cat in tomato soup* to (partially) remove the odor of a close encounter–and call Palmetto for skunk abatement.

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Bird control is crucial to protect your family (or business customers) from parasites like ticks, fleas and a number of diseases including encephalitis and salmonella food poisoning. The bird abatement specialists at Palmetto can remove pigeons or other birds, protect your health, and prevent your property from looking unkempt with droppings.

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Coyotes are dangerous and can attack humans (especially children) if threatened. Coyotes may linger near your home to feed from garbage cans, eat pet food left out, or attack your pet. If you’re walking in a coyote area, particularly at night, make noise so the animal can avoid you. If you see a coyote (or signs of one) near your home, contact Palmetto for coyote removal.

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We can safely remove hogs, moles and many more “trespassing” animals from your property. If you have a nuisance animal not on this list, please check with us for expert advice, full-service removal, and/or referral to the proper company or state agency.

NOTE For Stray Cats or Dogs: Please contact SC Animal Control or The Humane Society in Columbia for assistance with these feral dogs/cats or lost pets.


Don’t let nuisance animals overrun your home or business. Call on Palmetto Wildlife Extractors for expert removal and remediation services. Our experienced, reliable and friendly team will manage the process every step of the way. We handle animals responsibly and in accordance with health and safety standards. Gone for Good is our Promise. Contact Palmetto Wildlife Extractors online, or call 855-465-1088 today.

My commercial building had an ongoing bats issue for many years that no other pest control company could tackle properly. PWE finally put an end to the bats issues and I never had a problem since. Other pest control companies tried to upcharge me since I have a large building and attempted to add on unnecessary expenses/projects. Justin, the owner, is very honest and reasonable. The PWE staff I dealt with are professional, courteous and know what they are doing. As a professional business owner, I highly recommend Palmetto Wildlife Extractors!


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