Your safety is our number one priority which is why we guarantee:

  • Total Rodent Elimination with Guarantee Against Re-Entry
  • Dead Animal Removal, Deodorization and Sterilization
  • Nuisance Animal Repellant
  • No Poisonous Foods! No Hazardous Materials! Safe For Family and Pets!

Palmetto Wildlife Extractors of South Carolina stands by their work. Contact us today for a team you can trust to solve your wildlife problems.

Palmetto Wildlife cares about the people we serve and the animals that we work with which is why we strive to ”Do All Things By The Book“ when dealing with wildlife.

We take a three step approach to wildlife control:

  • Wildlife Removal – our team thoroughly inspects the area, identifies the problem and extracts the animal
  • Wildlife Remediation – Clean up debris and disinfect the area so it is safe for you to return back to your property.
  • Wildlife Prevention – Assure that nuisance animals will not return to the property by applying a repellant and sealing all potential entry points

If you are at all unsatisfied, we offer a one-year guarantee upon completion of wildlife removal, remediation, and prevention.

My commercial building had an ongoing bats issue for many years that no other pest control company could tackle properly. PWE finally put an end to the bats issues and I never had a problem since. Other pest control companies tried to upcharge me since I have a large building and attempted to add on unnecessary expenses/projects. Justin, the owner, is very honest and reasonable. The PWE staff I dealt with are professional, courteous and know what they are doing. As a professional business owner, I highly recommend Palmetto Wildlife Extractors!


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