Skunk Removal

skunks Picture Management of Problem Skunks:
Because skunks can carry rabies, they should always be handled by a trained professional. Animals that appear sick or that are acting abnormally should be avoided.

The following symptoms may indicate the presence of rabies or other neurological diseases in mammals: unprovoked aggression, impaired movement, paralysis or lack of coordination, unusually friendly behavior and disorientation.

Skunks are primarily nocturnal, although they are occasionally active during the day.

Skunk Removals

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Skunks usually spend the daylight hours sleeping in their underground burrows. Skunks may dig their own burrows, but they prefer to use natural cavities among rocks, or under stone walls, logs or buildings. Skunk will often use abandoned woodchuck burrows.

Most skunk burrows are six to 20 feet long and reach three to four feet underground, with two, three or four chambers. During winter, skunks sometimes den with other skunks.

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