Raccoon Removal

Driving the Raccoons Out of Your House

Raccoons are quite common in South Carolina, and it is not unnatural to spot one in your yard or around your home.

However, there are less sightings during the day, as raccoons are active at night. These cute furry animals can be a true nuisance to some.

Feeding habits
Raccoons can feed on almost anything, but they are more fond of creatures that are mostly found in water like crayfish, clams, fish, snails and frogs.

They also like to eat insects, birds, birds’ eggs, seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits. They are great climbers and can easily get inside your house. When present in an urban area, they can often be seen eating pet food, garbage, squirrels, mice and rats.

You will can be sure of a raccoon’s presence whenever you notice raided garbage cans, damaged gardens (especially the vegetable plots), scraped out freshly laid sod, holes dug in your lawn or hollowed out watermelons.

Nesting pattern
During the spring time, the problems from this animal become more eminent, as it is their nesting season. In the quest of a nice warm den, they may often enter the attic of your house or an uncapped chimney.

Even if you have adequate safety measures to protect your house from raccoons, they will find a way in if they wish to do so. If they are living in your attic, they may ruin your insulation, damage the electric wiring, leave strong odors and litter the floors.

Removing the raccoons
Raccoons are really smart, and you cannot easily catch them. A female raccoon is highly protective of her children, and it may attack you if you try to catch the kids.

If you hear some strange sounds in your attic or notice that the smoke from the chimney is filling up the room, it is better to call the experts at Palmetto Wildlife. Our wildlife control experts will inspect your home and tell you whether or not you have a raccoon infestation.

There is no need to worry if there are raccoons in your home. We adopt the most humane approach to getting rid of these animals and relieve you from any possible dangers.

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