Wildlife is beautiful, but when unwanted guests like bats or rodents encroach on your business it can cause property damage, safety concerns and health risks. At Palmetto Wildlife Extractors our goal is to safely and effectively remove the unwelcome visitors, so you can get back to business as fast as possible. Our team is trained to handle any nuisance pest situation in condos, apartment buildings, retail stores, office buildings, industrial plants, military bases, warehouses and more.

We use a three step process to ensure we safely remove the animal and thoroughly cleanse the area. The final step of our wildlife services consists of preventing the critter from returning because we want you to feel safe knowing you won’t have this bother again. From rats to bats, we’ve got your wildlife under control!


  • Commercial Wildlife Removal – Our highly trained team specializes in inspecting problem areas, determining what type of animal is causing the problem, and trapping and removing the problem animal. Our inspections include color photos and detailed descriptions of the affected areas in and around the structure. Once we have identified exactly what kind of wildlife is causing the problem we make the necessary arrangements to capture or trap the animal. We never use poisonous foods in our traps since they could harm your employees or customers.
  • Commercial Wildlife Remediation – Wild animal droppings and carcasses can carry dangerous diseases and parasites like fleas, mites and lice. It’s not safe to attempt wildlife cleanup on your own. Our team is equipped with the specialized equipment to safely remove these remnants, identify any parasite infestations, and perform a complete biological disinfection of the affected area, which will also remove lingering odors.
  • Commercial Wildlife Prevention – Once the animals are removed, steps need to be taken to keep them away and out of your business. Our trained professionals will inspect your business for possible points of entry from top to bottom and block them with wire mesh. We can also offer expert advice on things that you can do yourself to keep wildlife in their own environment and away from yours.

NOTE For Stray Cats or Dogs: Please contact SC Animal Control or The Humane Society in Columbia for assistance with these feral dogs/cats or lost pets.

Don’t let nuisance animals affect your business operations. Our experienced, reliable and friendly team will manage the process every step of the way. We handle animals responsibly and in accordance with health and safety standards. Gone for Good is our Promise. Contact Palmetto Wildlife Extractors online, or call 855-465-1088 today.

My commercial building had an ongoing bats issue for many years that no other pest control company could tackle properly. PWE finally put
an end to the bats issues and I never had a problem since. Other pest control companies tried to upcharge me since I have a large building
and attempted to add on unnecessary expenses/projects. Justin, the owner, is very honest and reasonable. The PWE staff I dealt with are
professional, courteous and know what they are doing. As a professional business owner, I highly recommend Palmetto Wildlife Extractors!

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