Feral Hog and Pig Removal

ThinkstockPhotos-91763823 Feral hogs and pigs can be dangerous and destructive. They can:

  • Damage lawns
  • Damage pastures
  • Cause Agricultural crop loss
  • Cause Water pollution (due to wallowing habits)
  • Wildlife habitat loss (due to competition with food supply of many other animals and nesting birds)
  • Cause Wildlife loss (due to eating of eggs and young of some animals)
  • Can harm or kill livestock
  • Can harm or kill small pets
  • If you are having a problem with feral hogs or pigs, Palmetto Wildlife Extractors can help.

Our staff not only has the expertise to deal with feral pigs/hogs, but we have also invested heavily in the proper equipment so that we can expertly help rid your property of these nuisance and dangerous animals.


Sometimes it may seem that your problems with these critters has gone away, but DON’T BE FOOLED! They are most likely roaming in another part of your property or property adjacent to yours. Wild boars will travel up to 70,000 acres in search of food and will return to where potential food sources are.

If you have sighted feral pigs and hogs in or around your property, it is important to get the situation under control as soon as possible.


Feral hogs and pigs can literally destroy your property in just a short amount of time. They root and dig holes to find their food which destroys grass and crops. They eat both plant and animal matter.

They pose a significant risk to your pets or livestock. Wild hogs have been known to eat small animals of pets and livestock.

They also carry diseases which are not a significant threat to humans but do pose a threat to livestock and wild animals.


If you spot wild hogs on your property, do not approach them or let your pet chase them. Wild boars have long tusks and razor share teeth. They are strong and powerful animals and are known to be very aggressive.

If you have wild hogs on your property, contact us immediately. We will gladly come out and help rid your property of these nuisance and dangerous animals.

Call us NOW at (855) 465-1088.

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