Snake Removal

Do Not Be Afraid of a Snake

snakes Do you have spaces around your house that you love spending time in?

How would you feel if suddenly something long and thin slithered beneath your feet while you were sitting with your family in your garden?

You would most likely be completely bewildered. Most snakes love to stay in gardens, where they can easily catch some prey.

Usually snakes are most active from the beginning of April until mid-fall. However, you may see them any time.

Snakes are usually shy animals. Astonished to hear that? But, it is true. They usually want to have nothing to do with human beings. Moreover, snakes are a vital part of the food chain.

They are great at eating rodents, insects and frogs. Most of the snakes found in South Carolina are non-venomous. It is hard to encounter a venomous snake in that area. However, the residents of the area face some common problems with snakes:

  • Unexpected Encounters.
  • Poisonous Bites to Pets.
  • Potential Bites to Humans.
  • Home Invasion.
  • Denning in Crawl Spaces.
  • Using Out Buildings.

That does not mean you should kill a snake as soon as you come across it in your garden. It can be upsetting to see a snake in your garden whenever you are out there. After that, you may not feel like visiting your garden much. It may be possible to avoid your garden, but what if the snake enters your house? What exactly will you do then?

Removing snakes

There are several methods that you can try to remove any snakes from your house. However, before you attempt this, you need to first understand whether the snake is harmless. If you are successful in identifying the snake, you may try to get it outside on your own.

You should always wear thick boots and put on gloves when handling a snake. Slowly try to pick the snake up with your hand and carefully take it outside.

If you cannot identify the variety of snake, it is best not to attempt removing the snake on your own. You should call the experts from Palmetto Wildlife Extractors to trap the snake and remove it from your residence.

We will visit your property and not only remove the snake but will implement a program to protect your house from any other transient or resident snakes. If the snake is in one of your rooms, lock the doors and windows and give us a call. If the snake is in your garden, just inform us and we will locate it.

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