opossums that can be extracted by Palmetto Wildlife in South Carolina

Opossums are the only North American marsupial.

They are whitish or grayish with pointed snouts and long, skinny, naked tails.

They grow up to 40 inches long. The average male opossum weighs about 6-7 pounds while the smaller female is only about 4 pounds.

However, they can weigh up to 14 pounds. They have very sharp razor teeth.

Opossums prefer to live near water sources such as streams or swamps. They eat nearly everything, including: insects, dead animals and fish, grains, fruit, pet food, and garbage.

They den in the burrows made by other large animals, in brush piles, in tree cavities, under decks or buildings and on occasion, find their way into people’s garages or attics.

Opossums can cause significant damage when they choose to take up residence around your home.

They will turn over garbage cans and tear through your garden in search of food. They will also chew through parts of your house to make a good nesting place.

Their nests then became a nasty place of parasites and odors, and a good place to harbor diseases. Being great climbers, there is no place that they cannot reach.

Often they end up in people chimneys and attics. Once there they can wreak havoc. Sometimes opossums get stuck inside of chimneys and end up dying causing horrific odor and then attracting even more unwanted pests.

Opossums can carry many diseases such as rabies, distemper, and roundworm.

They can cause harm to humans and pets. If you have opossums hanging around or living in your home, you need to call us right away. We will come out and trap the opossums and remove them from your property.

Do not try to capture these animals on your own. If cornered or threatened, they could be very dangerous. Leave it to the professionals.

Call Palmetto Wildlife Extractors today and we will come right out and take care of you!

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