Palmetto Wildlife Extractors

We are a company founded by a South Carolina local, Justin Ludy, in 2010.

Our service area includes the entire states of South Carolina and North Carolina.

If you live anywhere in the Carolinas and have a problem with wildlife at your home, business or commercial site Palmetto Wildlife Extractors is here for you.

The team at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors loves animals and has a passion for helping people.

Thats what we do what we do! Everyone that works for us is professionally trained, experienced and has respect for animals.

Palmetto Wildlife Extractors is a local company, serving South Carolina for 10 years.

If you’re having wildlife issues, contact us immediately at 855-465-1088.

“Folks these guys are wonderful. I had a bat issue in my home and was unsure where to turn. I ask around and found that the reputation of this company is top-notch, hands down.

When I called I was scheduled for an assessment in a day or so, and then when Justin arrived he put my mind at ease. Justin explained every aspect of a bat infestation and even went as far as telling me that bats move from place to place.

This is one company I can truly say I will recommend and if there is any issue at this house, they will be called.

Thank you, Justin, for being godly, kind and a professional man.”

Brandon Brown

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