Alligator Removal Services

alligator in south carolina If you live close to a body of water such a pond, river, or lake, there is a possibility that you might get visited by a gator one day.

If that happens, stay calm and call us immediately.

Palmetto Wildlife Extractors is one of the few wildlife extraction companies that are CERTIFIED to handle alligators. Plus, we have all the experience and expertise you need.

Alligators Grow Large

Alligators are among the largest animals in North America.

Males can grow fourteen feet or longer and weigh up to 1000 pounds while the female can be bigger than 10 feet and weigh 250 pounds.

They are found around wetlands in coastal areas of the Southeastern United States and can be found in almost any type of freshwater.

Alligators Threaten Your Children and Pets

Alligator problems arise when alligators become too conditioned to living around humans. This is especially true when food is involved. They are very dangerous and pose a big threat to children and pets.

If you happen upon an alligator in your yard or neighborhood, do NOT approach it.

Relax… And Call the Alligator Extraction Experts

Stay away, stay calm, and call Palmetto Wildlife Extractors. Our team is highly trained and CERTIFIED BY THE STATE to handle alligators. We have the tools and experience needed to SAFELY remove these creatures.

If you have gator trouble, call us right away and we will be right out to take care of you!

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