Squirrel Removal

squirrelsManagement of Problem Squirrels:
Most complaints about squirrels are from homeowners with squirrels in their houses which include the attic, chimney and fireplace.

Squirrels will readily take up residence in a building attic if access to sheltered areas such as eaves and attic crawl spaces is available.

Gnawing, scratching, and pattering sounds, in early morning or daylight hours, usually signal their presence.

Balls of torn insulation, cardboard, and dried leaves and twigs may pinpoint nests in an attic, but nests and young may be totally concealed within the attic eaves or wall spaces.

Squirrel Removals

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Squirrels in house eaves and attics can damage insulation and electrical wiring and should be removed.When blocking holes in an attic to prevent squirrels and other animals from gaining access, be sure that none are trapped inside the attic.

Adults can cause severe damage by chewing to regain entrance to the attic to reach their young. If chewing persists, heavy, half-inch wire mesh can be temporarily placed over the problem area.

Trimming shrubs and vines and pruning overhanging tree limbs may discourage squirrels from causing problems in the home attic.

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