Wildlife Prevention


While we love to be surrounded by nature, we know that keeping animals in their natural habitat is important for their survival and our health. Wildlife tends to be opportunistic, so if they happen to stumble upon an opening in your crawlspace or a missing shingle on your roof, you might find yourself with a new roommate. Ensuring wildlife stays in the wild can be easy with the help of the professionals at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors.

The Key to Wildlife Prevention

Part of the process of removing an animal is also preventing it from returning. By using effective processes our team can ensure that the critter you just removed will not re-infest your home or business. Our team respects wildlife, so we never use any poisonous foods or hazardous materials so you don’t have to worry about your pets or children coming in contact. 

Wildlife-Proof Your Property

Wildlife can be sneaky, by squeezing into cracks and crevasses that you may not have even considered! Our team can identify access points into your home or business to prevent animals from setting up camp. We educate you on ways to keep all critters away from the premises. For instance, we supply you with helpful information regarding what animals like and how to prevent them from visiting your property. We determine prospective entry points and seal them.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to wildlife safety and prevention go hand in hand. By keeping animals in their natural homes you are less likely to come into contact with unexpected visitors or have damages from destructive raccoons, bats or other animals. Call Palmetto Wildlife Extractors to keep nuisance animals gone for good!

My experience with Palmetto Extractors is: SOLUTION ORIENTED! From my own investigating of rodent infestation & what I believed to be sound, humane extraction to finding the right person/company to actually do precisely that! I am beyond thrilled with Justin's expertise & gracious willingness to be of utmost helpfulness in assisting us in ridding our home of such wildlife nuisance. Get the problem solved= call Palmetto Wildlife Extractors TODAY!
Catherine S. Baker