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Property owners in North Charleston, South Carolina and surrounding areas can be faced with a number of nuisance wildlife in their homes, businesses and commercial sites. Palmetto Wildlife Extractors will carefully and effectively remove bats, raccoons, skunks, alligators or any other unwanted wildlife. Contact us today!

Folks these guys are wonderful. I had a bat issue in my home and was unsure where to turn. I ask around and found that the reputation of this company is top notch hands down. When I called I was scheduled for an assessment in a day or so, and then when Justin arrived he put my mind at ease. Justin explained every aspect of a bat infestation and even went as far as telling me that bats move from place to place. This is one company I can truly say I will recommend and if there is any issue at this house, they will be called. Thank you Justin for being godly, kind and a professional man. Sincerely, Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown
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My experience with Palmetto Extractors is: SOLUTION ORIENTED! From my own investigating of rodent infestation & what I believed to be sound, humane extraction to finding the right person/company to actually do precisely that! I am beyond thrilled with Justin's expertise & gracious willingness to be of utmost helpfulness in assisting us in ridding our home of such wildlife nuisance. Get the problem solved= call Palmetto Wildlife Extractors TODAY!
Catherine S. Baker