Black Bear Sightings Are Increasing in the Carolinas

In the past couple of weeks, there have been an increased number of black bear sightings in neighborhoods, near schools, and in other areas through both South Carolina and North Carolina.Black Bear

The Northeastern region of the State of North Carolina is said to have one of the largest amounts of black bears within the country. Additionally, these are among the largest.

Bear sightings are now occurring as a result of waking from hibernation, the hunt for food, and mating season. Continue reading to learn more. 

The American Black Bear 

The American black bear is the only species of bear found in the Eastern region of the United States. Once only in remote locations, it has been estimated that the creatures may be found in up to 60% of the land that is within the Carolinas.

Its diet consists of both animals and plants. These creatures have poor eyesight, but very good hearing. They also have a keen sense of smell. They are capable of climbing, digging, swimming, and running. In fact, over short distances, they may run at speeds of just over 35 mph. 

Are Black Bears Aggressive? 

Generally speaking, black bears are actually quite timid and show no interest in attacking people. They are attracted to the food sources that humans make available to them. They are also very adaptable and are capable of getting used to the presence of people.

Predatory human attacks are very rare; however, studies are starting to find that the attacks that DO occur with humans typically involve or relate to a dog. Keep this in mind when walking dogs or allowing them to run about. If you run into a black bear while with your dog, simply back away quietly and avoid sudden movements. 

When Are Black Bears Most Active?

In the Carolinas, black bears are more active during the very early morning hours and late in the evening during the spring months and the summer months. Mating starts to occur in June and July. As a result, the creatures will be more active during the summer. As cold weather draws nearer, the black bear will start the process of selecting a denning location. 

What Do You Do If You See or Are Close to a Black Bear?

If you see or come close to a black bear, remember, they are probably more scared of you; therefore, remain calm. Simply stand and face the creature – unless you can back away slowly and take shelter immediately. In other instances, do not run away or try to approach the bear.

Spread your arms and take other measures to make yourself look larger than you are. If the bear attempts to approach you, start making as much noise as you possibly are able to make.

If the creature continues to come to you and you have bear spray, use it. If the creature goes in for an attack, make a lot of noise, fight back, and do what you are able to in order to survive. 

If you are having an issue with black bears or other types of wildlife, contact us today at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors for immediate assistance by calling: 855-465-1088

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