Wild Pig Removal

Professional Removal Services Offered to Individuals and Businesses Experiencing Issues with Wild Hogs

Feral Hog On Property

Now that the worst of the cold weather is behind us, Spring has sprung, and summer is upon us, more and more individuals are making their way to the great outdoors. While there are many types of wildlife that we should always be on the look out for and should use caution around, one of… Read More…

Wild Pig Sightings Becoming Increasingly More Prevalent in Residential Areas

“Wild pigs”, “wild hogs”, “feral pigs”, “feral hogs”, “savage swine”, “wild swine” – regardless of what you call them, the pigs have gone wild and are now being sighted on a more regular basis in residential areas. Their prevalence is so high, in fact, that they are often referred to as an “invasive species”. Wild… Read More…

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