Are Wild Pigs Dangerous?

Yes, wild pigs may prove to be dangerous. The dangers posed by these feral forms of wildlife relate to humans and their pets. These creatures may result in collisions with motor vessels and other forms of transportation.

Wild pigs are known to carry a lot of different viral-based and bacterial-based diseases. In addition to this, they may carry many species of parasites that may be transmitted to other wildlife, livestock, pets, and humans. Continue reading to learn more about the dangers of feral pigs. 

Can Wild Pigs Hurt You?

Under normal circumstances, a wild pig will not attack unless it is provoked. In those rate instances where an attack has occurred, it is mostly because of the fact that a person has ventured too close to a batch of young pigs or if the person was in the way of a wild pig that was attempting to flee from a threat.

In typical close encounters, when a wild pig sees a human, they will either walk or run away and are not confrontational. 

Are Wild Pigs Traveling Together Dangerous? 

Yes, if wild pigs are traveling in herds that include their young and others, contact should be avoided. The creatures have been known to attack when traveling in herds without any type of provocation. The injuries sustained from the wildlife in these instances may prove to be fatal to humans, pets, livestock, and other types of wildlife. 

Are Wild Pigs Typically Aggressive to People? 

In most instances, a wild pig will not have any interest in interacting with people; however, there are those cases where a pig may feel disturbed or threatened and will initiate an attack. When this happens, the pig will bite, kick, and trample. All of these defense mechanisms could – in fact – result in highly severe injuries. 

Have There Been Cases of Wild Pigs Killing Humans?

Yes, a total of 4 people since the late part of the 1800s have been documented as being killed by a wild pig. A total of 3 of those people are said to have been attacked during a hunting trip by a boar that was seriously wounded. Generally speaking, though, wild pig attacks on people are considered to be a rare event. 

How Fast Can a Wild Pig Run? 

Wild pigs are capable of running up to 25mph and have the ability to jump as far up as 59 inches. Males are significantly larger than females and – depending on if they feel threatened or not – may run faster and jump higher than females. In most cases, it simply is not possible to outrun a wild pig. 

When are Wild Pigs Most Active? 

Typically, wild pigs are most active during dawn and during dusk. If they live in an area around people, they are most likely to be more active during the nighttime hours. 

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