Wildlife Remediation

You Should Never Attempt to Trap and Relocate Wildlife on Your Own

If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you have discovered some type of wildlife on your property. Perhaps you have encountered an opossum, a raccoon, a skunk, a fox, some type of wild cat, or even an alligator basking in the sun and a bank of your property that overlooks a body… Read More…

The Dangers of Rabies: 5 Things You Need to Know

Dangers Of Rabies

Rabies is a viral disease that has the potential to be transmitted to humans from animals. It can also be transmitted from one animal to another. In most instances, transmission occurs as a direct result of a bite, however, it may also be transmitted through scratches, cuts, and other openings on the skin as a… Read More…

How to Protect Your Spring Garden from Wildlife

Rabbit In Spring Garden

Now that your spring garden is in full bloom, it is quite likely that you have observed a wide array of wildlife attempting to maneuver through or consume the vegetables, fruits, and/or flowers that you have worked so diligently to cultivate. Perhaps it was squirrels, wild rabbits, woodchucks, moles, birds, raccoons, or deer. While these… Read More…

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