Sightings of the South American Tegu Must Be Reported 

Recent sightings of a very large and invasive species of lizard have been reported throughout the State of South Carolina and the State of Georgia. The wildlife agencies throughout both states are encouraging individuals to report any sightings of this creature.South American Tegu

It has the capability of growing up to lengths of 4 feet and may weigh as much as 10 pounds. If the creature is not removed from these states, it could multiply rapidly and start to threaten the wildlife that are native to the region.

What Is the South American Tegu?

“Tegu” is a name that is used to collectively describe a variety of lizards that are native to Central America and South America. Of course, the South American version stems from that particular region. They look quite similar to monitor lizards, but only have a distant form of relation.

In recent years, the species has become invasive. So far, they have been observed in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Immediate concern is high over the Georgia and South Carolina invasion. 

Why Is the Tegu Lizard Considered a Problem?

The Tegu lizards are highly tolerant to the cold. As a result, they are capable of spreading to and living in numerous states. It is believed that the lizards have the potential to spread exotic forms of parasites to native forms of wildlife and may also cause crops throughout the states where they invade to become contaminated. These invasive lizards even carry salmonella.

They feed on the eggs of quail, turkey, and other birds that nest on the ground. These lizards even consume other types of reptiles. Sightings in South Carolina should be reported by using this online report form.

Are Tegu Lizards Aggressive? 

Yes, Tegu lizards have the capability of demonstrating various forms of aggression if they feel as if they are being threatened. In most instances, the creatures will whip their tail. Occasionally, they may react with a bite using their sharp teeth.

Is the Tegu Lizard Venomous?

Generally speaking, the tegu lizard is not considered a danger to people. They are not venomous. The lizards are more of a threat to other types of wildlife and the ecosystem, in general, in the states in which they have been found.

While they can be trained and do make excellent pets (registration is required), it is not advised that you handle these lizards if you observe them in the wild. 

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