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Wildlife Issues to Be Aware of This Summer in South Carolina

Summer Wildlife Issues In South Carolina-

Summer – the warmest, most beautiful, and favored season. The days grow longer and the sun seemingly shines brighter. The increased temperatures compel and urge people to embark on outdoor journeys and adventures. Throughout the State of South Carolina, summer is not only a season, it is a time of transition, a new dimension. Despite… Read More…

The Health-Related Dangers of Rat Infestations in or Near Your Home

Health Risks Of Rat Infestations

This time of year, it is exceptionally challenging to stay healthy. This is especially true due to the prevalence of the flu, allergies, and other issues currently impacting the nation, such as the outbreak of the measles and food-related e. coli illnesses. Despite these issues, there are other threats that many do not think about…. Read More…

Signs That You Have a Rat in the House

signs that you have a rat in the house

A rat is more than a simple nuisance. It has the capability to harm humans through both direct and indirect means. These rodents carry a large variety of diseases that include leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, and salmonellosis.  Diseases that are indirectly transmitted to humans by rats through the means of fleas, mites,… Read More…

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