Coyote Removal

Coyote Encounters: How to Protect Your Dog from an Attack

Coyote In A Neighborhood

It is a known fact that the natural habitats and the sought-out food sources of coyotes are rapidly shrinking. As a result, these wild animals are now finding their way into our neighborhoods and our own yards. The areas we humans inhabit are considered ideal resources for coyotes that find themselves struggling for survival. The… Read More…

Simple Strategies for Avoiding Problems with Coyotes

Avoiding Coyote Problems

Throughout history, encountering a coyote in areas deemed as “urban” or “suburban” was a rare occurrence; however, as populations increase and construction efforts continue to expand into the natural habitats of these creatures, encounters are becoming more commonplace. Today, it is common to catch a fleeting glimpse of a coyote as they move from their… Read More…

Coyote Removal Tips

Coyotes are both territorial and predatorial wild animals. These characteristics can add up to pose real problems for any of us who happen to come across one of these animals on our property. They are known to threaten our livestock and our pets, damage our property and create overall nasty and unsanitary conditions on our… Read More…

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