Coyote Removal Tips

Coyote Removal Tips

Coyotes are both territorial and predatorial wild animals. These characteristics can add up to pose real problems for any of us who happen to come across one of these animals on our property. They are known to threaten our livestock and our pets, damage our property and create overall nasty and unsanitary conditions on our property.

So, you may be asking yourself, if I do come across one on my property, how can I get rid of it for good? Well, I am glad you asked because here are a few tips on preventing coyotes from making a permanent residence on your property and removing them for good.

  • Eliminate food sources. Coyotes are hunting for food, and if they find it readily available on your property, then they are there to stay. You have to get rid of any unsecured food options to get rid of those pesky coyotes.
    • Keep pet food inside or secure it outside.
    • Keep food from your garden off the ground and secured with some type of fence. This fence has to be at least five feet tall and eight inches underground because coyotes can climb and they will dig to get to a food source.
    • Keep livestock secured in a fence. Again, this fence will have to be tall enough and underground to keep the coyotes from breaching it.
    • Keep garbage inside or properly secure it outside.
    • Keep your yard clean to deter an infestation of mice and insects, which a coyote can freely feed upon.
  • Odor deterrents. Many people like to use odor deterrents such as wolf urine, mothballs and ammonia soaked rags to rid their property of coyotes. These deterrents are not 100% effective and may not work at keeping your property coyote free. It is like a temporary bandage for a much bigger problem. However, you can position these deterrents around your yard and close to food sources to mask the smell of food from the coyotes, but as with any type of odor deterrent, you have to keep reapplying them to maintain their odor masking properties, which can add up to a lot of time and money wasted.
  • Put up fencing or coyote rollers to keep out coyotes. As said before, coyotes are very determined animals when it comes to seeking food sources, so you need to ensure you put up a fence that will keep these determined predators out. If using an ordinary fence, you have to make it at least five feet tall and eight inches underground to effectively keep out a coyote. However, if you add the coyote roller to your fence, it does not have to be as tall. The coyote roller will stop the coyote from getting a good enough grip to climb your fence; however, you will have to pay extra to have this added to your normal fencing. You could try electric fencing, which because of the shock factor will not need to be as high as normal fencing. However, you also have to consider that your livestock and pets are also at risk for getting shocked, so the choice of what type of fencing may be a difficult one.
  • Trapping and removal. If you do happen to see a coyote on your property, the best way to get rid of it is trapping and removal. Because wild animals can act unpredictably and can spread diseases, parasites and other germs to us, it is best to leave the trapping and removal of the coyote to the experts. You local wildlife company will know how to properly handle the coyote and can take it to another location more suitable for the coyote. It is best for you to play it safe and never approach a wild animal on your own.

It can be frightening finding a wild animal on your property. You never know what it will do and how much of a risk it may pose to your family and pets.

The best option for you would be to call in someone who knows what to do. They can effectively remove the coyote and help you to ensure that your property will not be re-infested.

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