Rat Infestations

Top Diseases Known to Be Transmitted to Humans by Rodents

Diseases that are caught from animals are referred to as “zoonotic diseases”. Rodents are known to carry a wide variety of diseases that may detrimentally impact the health of humans. While direct contact may result in these illnesses, they may be passed through droppings and urine, too. The most well-known rodent zoonoses in our history… Read More…

The Health-Related Dangers of Rat Infestations in or Near Your Home

Health Risks Of Rat Infestations

This time of year, it is exceptionally challenging to stay healthy. This is especially true due to the prevalence of the flu, allergies, and other issues currently impacting the nation, such as the outbreak of the measles and food-related e. coli illnesses. Despite these issues, there are other threats that many do not think about…. Read More…

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