Top Diseases Known to Be Transmitted to Humans by Rodents

Diseases that are caught from animals are referred to as “zoonotic diseases”. Rodents are known to carry a wide variety of diseases that may detrimentally impact the health of humans. While direct contact may result in these illnesses, they may be passed through droppings and urine, too.

The most well-known rodent zoonoses in our history was that which occurred in the 14th century, often referred to as the “black death”. It stemmed from a bacterium that has since been identified as “Yersinia Pestis”. In this brief guide, we will outline the top diseases that may be passed by rodents, as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  1. Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome – This disease is known to occur throughout both North America and South America. It may be contracted by breathing in dust that has been contaminated with the feces or urine or rodents, direct contact with their urine or droppings, a bite received by a rodent, and/or having direct contact with an infected rodent.
  2. Leptospirosis – This disease occurs worldwide. It is bacterial-based and spreads by the consumption of foods or drinks contaminated with rodent urine, coming in contact with water or any type of soil that has urine from sick rodent.
  3. Lymphocytic Chorio-Meningitis (LCM) – This is caused by the common house mouse and occurs worldwide. Direct contact with the rodent or their droppings/urine causes this illness. It may also occur as a result of breathing in particles that stem from urine or feces droppings.
  4. The Plague – This bacteria-based illness develops from the direct contact with an infected rodent or from a bite from a flea that is infected with the illness. It is most commonly experienced in the Western area of the United States, may occur in any location, given the right circumstances.
  5. Salmonellosis – This illness is caused by a type of bacteria and may occur at any location throughout the world. Generally speaking, it is spread by consuming any type of food product or liquid that has been contaminated by the feces of a rodent.

Other Illnesses

In addition to the top illnesses outlined above, there are other types of diseases that may result in sickness among people. These include – but are not at all limited to – tularemia, rat-bite fever, omsk hemorrhagic fever, and lassa fever. Rodents pose many health hazards to humans. Generally speaking, they will shy away from people; however, if they live in or around your property, they may find their way into your home. While in the home, they may contaminate surfaces, food sources, and other areas. In turn, this could result in illness. Furthermore, rodents are highly destructive.


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