When Should I Call a Wildlife Removal Expert?

Allowing wildlife to share space with you and your loved ones may result in many issues. If you have an issue with a wild animal in or around your home, it is advised that you contact a credible wildlife removal expert.

These professionals will attempt to humanely transport the creature to another location to reside, if it is possible. If you have a nuisance animal in your home, on your property, or if wildlife is infesting your space, you should contact a wildlife removal expert. 

The Inspection 

Once you contact a wildlife removal expert, the professional will come to your location and initiate an inspection. This allows them to identify and to properly evaluate the wildlife issue that you are experiencing.

Once the inspection is finished, the professional will develop a removal plan that will successfully capture the wildlife and prevent the creature from returning. 

Trapping and Removal 

In most instances, the wildlife removal expert will attempt to utilize traps to capture and to successfully relocate the nuisance wildlife. This is done in such a way that there is minimal amount of damage to your property. In all instances, the trapping and removal process is done in a humane manner. 

The Cleanup

Once the wildlife has been removed from your property, the wildlife removal expert will aid in the repair of entry points and the cleanup of substances left behind by the wildlife. This is done to ensure that your health and your safety is properly preserved.

Upon cleaning the area, the professional will sanitize and deodorize your space. This is done to remove pheromones that may attract other animals and to eliminate urine, feces, and saliva that may be infected with diseases that may be transmitted to you and your pets. 


Many wildlife removal experts will then go through the process of taking steps that will prevent wildlife from returning to your home and/or property. This may include making repairs to areas that were damaged by the wildlife, securing potential access points, and other activities.

Not only will this prevent the original nuisance wildlife from occurring, but it will help in ensuring that it prevents new creatures from making their way into your home or on your property. 

How Much Does Wildlife Removal Cost? 

The cost associated with wildlife removal depends on the type of animal removed, the amount of repairs that need to be done, the cleanup that will be required, and the steps that must be taken to prevent the issue from occurring again.

First, the professional will conduct an inspection. Then, they will determine a treatment plan. Once that is done, they will meet with you and will provide you with an estimate on the cost of the service. The estimate will include the price of traps, the exclusion, and any other steps that are taken.

If you are in need of wildlife removal services, you may contact us here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors today by calling the following number: 855-465-1088

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