Snake Removal

The 3 Most Venomous Snakes in North Carolina 

Eastern Diamond Back Rattlesnake 

It has been estimated that there are 37 various species of snakes throughout the State of North Carolina. Despite the fact that a bite may prove to be painful, 31 species are non-venomous. A total of 6 species are venomous. These are found in a variety of habitats – from forests, to swamps, to lakes…. Read More…

The Arrival of Fall Results in Higher Levels of Activity and Aggression Among Snakes

Snake In Fall Leaves

The breezes are brisk, the temperatures are dropping, the leaves are changing – this could mean only one thing; that is, that the fall season is upon us. When the weather turns mild, people often find themselves outdoors more often. Cookouts, early morning fishing trips, outdoor tidying for the upcoming colder months, gathering around the… Read More…

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