How to Avoid Conflicts with Bobcats


Bobcats are considered to be highly adaptable creatures. They are found in a wide assortment of habitats, which results in the creatures living in close proximity to humans. Bobcats are located in both South Carolina and North Carolina. In most instances, these creatures will go undetected as they are very secretive types of wildlife. On… Read More…

Are There Bobcats in the State of South Carolina?

Bobcat Family

Yes, there are bobcats throughout the State of South Carolina. These are also referred to as the “wildcat”. This is one of the shyest and most elusive of all wildlife. The animals are active in the nighttime hours and are known for being exceptionally territorial. In fact, most will find and remain in a certain… Read More…

Are There Bobcats in South Carolina?

Bobcats are found in the lowermost 48 states, including South Carolina. These mammals are most commonly found along the Coastal Plain, but are located throughout the state. The creature is referred to as a “Bobcat” due to its very short tail, which typically averages in at about 5 inches among adult bobcats. The tail is… Read More…

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