How to Avoid Conflicts with Bobcats

Bobcats are considered to be highly adaptable creatures. They are found in a wide assortment of habitats, which results in the creatures living in close proximity to humans. Bobcats are located in both South Carolina and North Carolina.Bobcat

In most instances, these creatures will go undetected as they are very secretive types of wildlife. On occasion, though, a bobcat and a person may find that their paths cross. In this brief guide, we will outline a few tips on how to avoid conflicts with these wild cats.

Direct Encounter 

If you experience a direct encounter with a bobcat, take heed to the following:

  1. First, never approach the animal. It does not matter if it is young, old, alone, with others, or near a kill. Avoidance is the first step to eliminating potential issues that may arise. 
  2. All cats have a natural instinct to chase when something starts to run. Because of this fact, you should never attempt to run. 
  3. Do not back the animal into a closed space. You should always ensure that they have a way to escape. If they feel backed into a corner, they may become aggressive due to their fear. 
  4. You should face the animal. You may back away slowly, but talk very firmly if you take this step. Do not turn your back on the creature and do not lose eye contact with the bobcat.
  5. You should avoid trying to hide or going down into a crouching position. Instead, make yourself appear as large as you are able to appear. 
  6. If the animal stands its ground, become assertive. You may wave your arms, shout, or even throw something, if it becomes necessary. 
  7. If you are with a group of people, stay with one another. You may work together as a group to back away, appear larger, and make noise. 
  8. Do not offer the creature any type of food, whatsoever. 
  9. If you have a dog or cat with you, ensure that they are kept on a leash and you do not allow them to run freely. 
  10. Avoid being in areas where bobcats frequent alone between dawn and dusk. They are most active a few hours prior to sunset and up until midnight. Then, they become active again a couple of hours before sunrise until about four hours after sunrise. 

Take Action 

In most states, you may take action – as a landowner – if you have attempted preventative measures, but a bobcat has damaged or is in the process of damaging your property. There are regulations, laws, and local bylaws that must be adhered to if you utilize a firearm against a bobcat. The best way to handle a nuisance bobcat is to call a wildlife expert that may trap the creature. That is our specialty here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors. It does not matter if you have a nuisance bobcat, a troublesome raccoon, or an aggressive alligator, we can assist you! Contact us now for help: 855-465-1088

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