Are Backyard Raccoons Dangerous?


Bandit-masked eyes, striped tails, and those tiny little hands make backyard raccoons quite a delight to behold; however, it must be understood that there are a few dangers associated with these creatures. While it is possible to peacefully coexist with these creatures, it must also be understood that raccoons do not understand the boundaries that… Read More…

Do Raccoons Pose Any Type of Danger to People and Property?

Raccoons are considered to be one of the cutest of all wildlife. They are fluffy, naturally curious, and have those gorgeous eyes. Do not let them fool you, though. While they may look innocent and endearing, they have the potential to cause many problems – with both people and the properties that those people live… Read More…

Creative Strategies for Keeping Raccoons Out of Your Trash

racoon in trash

The natural habitats of raccoons have been urbanized as a result of the ever-expanding growth of human populations and construction efforts to accommodate those populations. While this has proven detrimental to most species, the raccoon is a highly versatile creation that has a high level of adaptation. It is common for these creatures to stumble… Read More…

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