Are Backyard Raccoons Dangerous?

Bandit-masked eyes, striped tails, and those tiny little hands make backyard raccoons quite a delight to behold; however, it must be understood that there are a few dangers associated with these creatures.Raccoons

While it is possible to peacefully coexist with these creatures, it must also be understood that raccoons do not understand the boundaries that we set – as humans.

As a result of the lack of knowledge that they have on our boundaries, they are known to stir a little too close to our homes, high-traffic areas on our property, and other areas where we and our pets linger.

What Are the Dangers Associated with Raccoons?

There are several ways that raccoons may prove to be dangerous. The most common reasons are as follows:

  1. A raccoon is considered to be a wild animal. In most cases, raccoons will not pursue conflict with humans or their pets; however, it remains to be clear that all wild animals are unpredictable. When in the area with these creatures, it is advised that you practice caution and keep this fact in mind. 
  2. While raccoons are considered to be a delight to view, it must be understood that they have very sharp teeth and equally sharp claws. They also possess a high level of strength. While rare, these animals have been known to attack humans and their pets. During these attacks, disfigurements and serious wounds have resulted. It is especially important to avoid conflicts with these creatures during the night time hours. This is when they are most active and most likely to travel with others. 
  3. Raccoons are notorious for finding their way into the trash that humans leave behind – even trash that is in covered garbage bins. Naturally, trash contains a high level of bacteria. Not only can these bacteria get on the fur, claws, and the mouth of a raccoon, the creature may spread it around your home – increasing the chance for you or your pets to develop serious illness. 
  4. Raccoons are a type of wildlife that is the most frequent to be linked to cases of rabies throughout the United States. If a bite occurs from an infected animal, it could result in the transmission of rabies. In addition to rabies, these creatures are known to carry and transmit a wide array of potentially serious illnesses to humans and their pets, as well as other types of creatures in the wild. 

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