Do I Have Bats in My Home?

While it is true that there are many individuals out there that have a true passion for bats and may even collect these creatures, generally speaking, you do not want bats in your home. Not only are these animals a bit scary to the average person, they may result in many dangers to your home… Read More…

Bats in Your House? Call Us Today for Quick, Effective Bat Removal Services

Bats Hanging From Ceiling

If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you are currently experiencing the unfortunate event of an in-home bat infestation. It may seem like a highly unusual situation, but the truth of the matter is, bat infestations are actually quite common. This is especially true when the days grow shorter and the temperatures… Read More…

The Creepy, The Crawly, and The Cute – Our Top 5 Favorite Creatures Associated with Halloween

Black Cat Halloween

Halloween is a fun, exciting, and mysterious holiday. While most enjoy the costumes, tricks, and treats that abound as a result of the holiday, it is often the intrigue associated with the beliefs and superstitions associated with Halloween that really draws us in. It is a day that has been traced back to the rituals… Read More…

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