5 Sure Signs That You May Have a Bat Infestation in Your home 

Bats are known as being the natural exterminators in nature. Unfortunately, if they take up residence in your home’s attic, they may pose a bit of a health hazard. In addition to this, a bat infestation is a bit frightening to the average person.

While these creatures simply choose to reside in an area that provides insects that may be eaten and are considered to be absolutely wonderful to our ecosystem, they are known for carrying rabies and may pass on a lung disease called histoplasmosis. 

If you have a bat infestation, it needs to be dealt with immediately – for your safety. In this guide, you will learn 5 signs that you do – in fact – have a bat infestation in your home. Remember, bats typically do not bite humans or their pets. It is not impossible, though.

You should never handle bats. You should not attempt to kill or trap the creatures, either. If you have an infestation, you will need to consult with wildlife specialists to eliminate the infestation from your home. 

  1. High-Pitched Squeaks

Bats are known for using high-pitched squeaks to communicate with one another. When outside, these are at such a high frequency that people do not typically hear them. If bats are in the attic, though, and they start making these sounds, you will definitely hear them.

In short, the more bats, the louder the noise – which sounds like squeaks and chirps. If you hear these in your home, you likely have a bat infestation in the attic. 

  1. Flaps and Scratches 

If you hear noises in the attic, listen carefully. If the noises sound like wings flapping or sounds like scratching and occurs at dusk and dawn, you likely have a bat infestation. Bats are nocturnal creatures. Being that most homes are quiet at night, you will be able to hear bats moving in and out of the attic. 

  1. Ammonia Odor 

Bat urine contains a high level of ammonia. The smell is very strong. If you smell something that resembles a litter box that is soaked in urine, it is likely bats. If you go into the attic, you can sometimes see trails of the bat urine on the walls and even on the rafters. 

  1. Grease Marks 

Bats leave behind a film of dirt and grease. You may see these grease marks on various locations throughout your attic if you have an infestation. It will be most obvious in areas where they go in the attic and go out of the attic. 

  1. Droppings 

The final sign that you may have a bat infestation in your home is noticing bat droppings – often called “guano” – in your home. These are very small and elongated. They are black in color. You may observe piles in various locations of your attic. This should only be removed by a professional with protective clothing. 

If you have any of these signs, contact us here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors today for immediate assistance with the infestation at: 855-465-1088

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