The Creepy, The Crawly, and The Cute – Our Top 5 Favorite Creatures Associated with Halloween

Halloween is a fun, exciting, and mysterious holiday. While most enjoy the costumes, tricks, and treats that abound as a result of the holiday, it is often the intrigue associated with the beliefs and superstitions associated with Halloween that really draws us in. It is a day that has been traced back to the rituals of the Celts and ancient folklore.Black Cat Halloween

Mystery, magic, monsters, and the macabre surround this frightfully fun and festive occasion each year. Additionally, there are many creatures that are closely associated with this spooky – yet, thrilling – holiday. Be it creepy, be it crawly, or be it downright cute, here, you will learn about our 5 most favorite creatures that have earned their mark on the night when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest.

Vampire Bats

Perhaps the most common creature associated with All Hallows’ Eve is the vampire bat. Is it because the creatures are nocturnal? Oh, and don’t they drink blood? Yes, to both!

There are three species of vampire bats that do – in fact – feed primarily on the blood of certain types of animals. Upon the first discovery of these bats, they were found consuming the blood of cattle.

Many started referring to them as “vampires”. In 1897, the Dracula story written by Bram Stoker depicted the scary vampires that shapeshifted into bats.

In the earliest days, bats were believed to have a close association with witches. It was told that the witches in the world worshipped figures that struck a strange resemblance to the bat.

It was also believed that witches would use bats and certain components of the creatures to create a variety of concoctions – such as flying potions, elixirs, and other mysteriously spooky liquids that they brewed up in the ancient cauldrons that hung above their seemingly ominous fires.

The truth of the matter is that these creatures are deemed harmless and provide important functions for the ecosystem. While a nuisance if they invade your home or property, you can rest assured that they will not tranform into a vampire and swipe away your mortality.

Black Cats

Black cats carry an intense aura of sheer mystique, but what is their association with Halloween? Approximately 2,000 years ago, the Druids long held the belief that a black cat was an evil spirit. As a result, they were actually thrown into fires to be sacrificed to what was referred to as the “Lord of the Dead” on the 31st of October, each year.

During the Middle Ages, the belief transitioned a bit to witches having the capability of turning into black cats. In fact, not only were many who were hailed as “witches” burned at the stake in Europe, many black cats were burned alongside their masters accused of witchcraft. These creatures have also been sacrificed during satanic rituals.

The truth is, black cats are the same as any other cat. The only issue is, their dark coloring and seemingly mysterious mannerisms have instilled fear in many groups throughout history.


Not too many people take a liken to creepy, crawly, vicious-looking spiders, but how did they become associated with Halloween? Was it their unusually frightening appearance?

Was it their ability to create lavish, spooky-looking webs? Was it the fact that certain species are poisonous and being injected with their venom could be potentially deadly? We think it was a combination of all of this, and more.

For starters, all those spooky places in the world, like potentially haunted houses, caves, dungeons, graveyards, and the homes of witches are seemingly overrun with spiders and their webs. While simply a result of preferring to dwell in darkness, it is believed that they darkness they seek is due to the fact that they are – ultimately – “evil”.

Next up is the fact that there are multitudes of areas around the world that consider the spider as being “mystical” because they have the ability to make webs. In fact, many have referred to them as “oracles” because they believe that they can tell of potential wealth, a person’s fate, and even of their death.

It has also been believed that spiders are the “familiars” of witches and can assist them in casting spells. The truth of the matter is, there are over 43,000 various spider species throughout the world and only a small amount are considered to be “dangerous”.

Today’s spiders have transitioned from casting spells and foretelling the future to playing a large role in controlling a variety of pests that are potentially harmful to humans, such as mosquitoes.


The Month of October is known as “Owl Month”. This is due to the fact that these creatures become more active in order to establish the territories that they will utilize during the winter months. Their association with Halloween stems from a large assortment of myths that have been passed down from one person to another throughout history.

These include the owl being a sign of bad luck, the ability of the creature to inform humans of an impeding death or the recent death of a person, and the fact that they could take away souls of people.

In addition to this, many claim that owls are good luck, they may ward of spirits that are evil, and can assist the dead on their journey from this life to the spiritual life.

They turn their heads in a unique way. Their eyes glow. They fly very silently. They hunt at night due to the fact that they are nocturnal, and they make sounds that resemble those of ghosts, goblins, and other mysterious and frightening creatures that we associate with Halloween. It is really no wonder that these cute and mysterious creatures are a part of our Halloween celebration.


Ravens are dark, mysterious creatures that have been closely associated with Halloween all throughout history. These black-colored birds are deemed mysterious messengers with all-seeing capabilities that are believed to assist witches and other dark forces.

While considered to be one of the most populous of all bird species around the world, seeing savens still strikes fear in even the most level-headed and non-superstitious of people. The truth is, they are scavengers, but they typically do not pose any type of harm towards humans.

In Conclusion

Vampire bats, black cats, spiders, owls, and ravens are all considered to be directly related to the frightening but fun Halloween holiday. General speaking, these are harmless creatures that simply have acquired a bad name for themselves due to their behaviors, way of living, and their appearances.

In fact, there are cases where these creatures may be viewed as nuisance. If you are troubled by these creatures or any other types of wildlife, contact us today to inquire about our wildlife control services and how we can assist you by calling: 855-465-1088

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