Are There Bobcats in the State of South Carolina?

Yes, there are bobcats throughout the State of South Carolina. These are also referred to as the “wildcat”. This is one of the shyest and most elusive of all wildlife. The animals are active in the nighttime hours and are known for being exceptionally territorial. In fact, most will find and remain in a certain area for the entire duration of their lifetime.Bobcat Family

Adult bobcats are about 2-3 times that of the size of a housecat and are easily identified by the white spots that develop on the upper ear region and the bobbed tail. 

Are Bobcats Dangerous to Humans?

In most instances, bobcats will take the steps necessary to avoid humans. While it is true that there are documented cases of attacks, it should be noted that those attacks occurred with a rabid bobcat. These creatures live about 12 years. If you come into the presence of a bobcat, you should simply back away – very slowly.

In most instances, the bobcat will back away, too. If you find that it is displaying signs of aggression, simply make loud noises. Bright lights are also deterrents that are effective for bobcats. 

How Can Homeowners Avoid Bobcats?

If you want to avoid attracting bobcats near your home, you should never leave open trash cans, food sources, and water sources out. If you have pets, it is advised that you bring them indoors in the evening and keep them inside until the daytime hours.

When pets are kept or left outdoors, they should be monitored consistently to ensure their safety. It is also important to remember that bobcats are fully capable of climbing posts and fences. Most are capable of completely jumping obstacles that are 6 feet in height. 

What Problems Are Associated with Bobcats?

Generally speaking, these creatures do not cause problems. However, their diet and the fact that they may catch rabies are two issues. Wildcats are known to eat a wide assortment of animals. These include small ones like mice to large ones such as fully mature deer.

No animal – even livestock – is immune to the appetite of the bobcat. Additionally, these creatures have been known to catch rabies and transmit the illness. If a bobcat has rabies, they will likely become more aggressive – especially towards people.

If you believe you have a nuisance or a rabid bobcat on your property, you should seek assistance immediately for its removal. 

We Can Help 

We here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors have the skill, tools, and resources to handle just about any wildlife issue. These include those that are related to bobcats.

We offer wildlife removal, remediation, control, and prevention services. If you wish to allow the bobcat to remain in the wild, we can work with you to provide you information on how to prevent attracting the creatures on your property.

To learn more about bobcats, obtain information on prevention, or to schedule wildlife removal, you may contact us today by calling: 855-465-1088

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