Wildlife Issues to Be Aware of This Summer in South Carolina

Summer – the warmest, most beautiful, and favored season. The days grow longer and the sun seemingly shines brighter. The increased temperatures compel and urge people to embark on outdoor journeys and adventures.Summer Wildlife Issues In South Carolina-

Throughout the State of South Carolina, summer is not only a season, it is a time of transition, a new dimension. Despite the seemingly relentless humidity, the bronze-swiped sun, and the glare of the endless blue that rests above, summer is a time when creatures – great and small – come to life.

As a result, issues may arise. These include invasions, close encounters, and other potentially dangerous situations. Continue reading to learn about the most common wildlife-based issues that you may experience in South Carolina this summer.


During the summer months, rodents – which include both rats and mice – are scurrying around to seek out water and food sources. While most commonly an outdoor issue, these pesky creatures do have the capability of finding their way into your home.

These pests are capable of carrying and transmitting a large variety of diseases. A few of them have the potential to be deadly. Examples include rat-bite fever, listeria, the hantavirus, the bubonic plague, and salmonellosis. They can also trigger allergies.

They may chew through parts of your home such as the electrical components, walls, and even wood. In fact, 25% of all house fires that occur in the United States each year are said to be a result of exposed wires that rodents have chewed through.

This summer, be on the watch for rodents. If you feel you have a rat or other type of rodent infestation, it is time for assistance.


Snakes are highly beneficial in taking care of any and all rodents that may find their way around your home. However, it can be challenging to determine which are venomous and which are not.

If bitten by a venomous snake, you may suffer from an allergic reaction, pain, swelling, seizures/convulsions, nausea, vomiting, paralysis, and even death.

If you live in South Carolina and discover that you have snakes on your property, it is advised that you contact a wildlife extractor to remove the potentially dangerous creature.


Once considered to be an endangered species in the State of South Carolina, alligators are back. During the spring and summer months, these creatures engage in mating and caring for their young.

While not typically aggressive, if they feel threatened, are protecting their young, searching for food, or have been fed by humans, they may quickly become aggressive.

The good news is, since 1948 only 11 bites by an alligator have been officially recorded. However, it is still advised to practice caution.

You will typically find alligators by bodies of water, in waterways, and in swampy regions; however, many have been discovered on private properties distances away from water.

If you discover an alligator near or in your property, contact the professionals for immediate removal.

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