3 Wildlife Predators in the Carolinas That May Become a Nuisance When Outdoor Temperatures Drop 

The Carolinas are known for having several different types of predators. Generally speaking, most wildlife predators are less active when the outdoor temperatures drop. If the winter is mild, there are still some wildlife that will remain active and will continue to roam.Coyote

Many types of wildlife will either hibernate or migrate during the winter months. There are others that will hunker down and take shelter in order to maintain warmth to ensure survival.

There are 3 types of wildlife predators that may remain active and could even become a nuisance during the cold months. These include alligators, foxes, and coyotes. 


Alligators are cold-blooded reptiles that typically go into a special state – called “brumation” – to protect themselves from the plummeting temperatures and conserve the energy that they have.

In most instances, feeding stops when temperatures fall below 70 and dormancy occurs at approximately 55 degrees; however, on warmer days during the winter, alligators may bask in the sun and wander around.

In some instances, the creatures will create mud holes to retain heat. These are mostly in the wild, but may be near homes. They will only come out to get sun, but this may prove to be very bothersome if it ends up being on private property. 


Foxes do not hibernate during the winter. In fact, they are quite active as the winter months serves as their mating season. If you live in the Carolinas, it is likely that you have heard the high-pitched scream of a fox or even caught a glimpse of a fox during the winter months.

The coat of the fox grows very long and very thick. The creatures are mostly nocturnal; however, many residential areas have observed the creatures during the daytime hours. This is due to a higher abundance of food.

If around people a lot, the animals do not see people as a threat and may even act in an aggressive manner towards people. They are also a danger to small pets and small children. 


Coyotes are a type of wildlife that actually become more active during the winter months in the Carolinas. It is during this time that the young leave their parents and work to find their own home. By January, the animals start the breeding process – which results in higher levels of activity and aggression.

They are known for reducing deer populations, but they have the potential to become a nuisance to people during the winter as they move from one location to another. They are also a threat to certain types of animals – regardless of size. 

Nuisance Wildlife 

You must be cautious in the Carolinas throughout the winter months. There are several types of wildlife that may prove to be a nuisance when the outdoor temperatures drop. If you have nuisance wildlife on your property, you may contact us here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors.

We specialize in trapping, rehabilitation, remediation, and prevention of wildlife. For more information, contact us now at: 855-465-1088

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