5 Facts You Did not Know About Possums

5 facts you did not know about possums Possums are often misjudged. As with any wild animal, many people are afraid of possums. They have earned some resentment from people because of their sometimes aggressive nature when cornered, and other people are afraid of the germs or diseases they they may spread.

However, there are many benefits to having a possum on your property, and just like many other wild creatures, there is still facts that we assume to be true about possums that simply aren’t.

Here are just a few interesting facts about one of the most misjudged wild animals in our back yards.

  1. They are not rodents. Most of us see a possum and think that is one big rat. However, a possum is not a rat or a rodent. It is America’s only marsupial. This means that they are more closely related to Australia’s famous wildlife, such as kangaroos, wallabies, bandicoots and koalas than a rat or rodent.
  2. They are unlikely carriers of rabies. When you see a possum, you may think that they are full of diseases and may have rabies. However, their low body temperatures make them almost immune to the disease. There may still be a slight chance that they will have it, but it is less likely to have it than other wild animals, such a squirrels, foxes or raccoons. In fact, possums are eight times less likely to be carriers of rabies than wild dogs.
  3. They are natural pest removers. Possums feed on many animals that we consider to be pests, such as rodents, insects, snails, slugs and even some types of birds. If you are having problems with pests ruining your outdoor play or making a mess of your garden, a possum could be a safe and natural way to eliminate such pests. However, possums will also take advantage of easy to access fruits and vegetables.
  4. They are smart. You may think possums are stupid rat-like creatures, but you would be wrong on both counts. They are intelligent and can easily remember where to find food. In fact, there have been many studies where possums scored higher than rats, rabbits, cats and dogs in remembering where a previous food supply was located. Also, they have been known to find their way through a maze more quickly than rats and cats.
  5. They are natural sanitation workers. The diet of a possum calls for unusually high levels of calcium. This need for calcium incites them to eat on the skeletons of rodents and roadkill. This is a great way to stop the unnecessary spreading of some diseases from these dead animals and allows us to avoid any type of unpleasant contact with these decomposing creatures. It is a win-win situation. The possums can do all of the dirty work, and we can stay clean and germ-free.


There are many misconceptions when it comes to possums. They are wild animals that have seemed to have earned an unnecessary bad rep. They could be a benefit to many people and their yards, but if you do come across a possum in your yard and do not want it there, call your local wildlife removal company to handle it.

You do not want to approach or attempt to catch any wild animal on your own. The professionals will know the proper way to remove the possum and place it back in nature where it belongs.

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