How to Deal with a Nuisance Alligator in the State of South Carolina

Alligator Removal South Carolina The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) identifies a “nuisance alligator” as a creature that is believed to pose an immediate threat to people, their property, and/or pets. In many instances, the alligator must be a certain length prior to be labeled as a “nuisance”.

Four feet is the most common length standard. This is due to the fact that those that are less than this length are incapable of eating any type of animal that is larger than that of a small-sized turtle and have a higher natural inclination to be fearful of people than those that are four feet in length, or longer.

If you live in the area and are dealing with a nuisance alligator, it’s time to call an alligator removal company in South or North Carolina. Also, continue reading this guide to learn how to deal with the issue.

Commonly Experienced Alligator Issues

In the State of South Carolina, alligators will sometimes engage in the behavior of making burrows in order to escape temperatures, lack of moisture due to drought, other alligators within the area, and humans.

While this seems like an innocent and natural act, it has the ability to result in damages to levees, dikes, various types of impoundments, and even damage fences. If an alligator is large enough to eat certain types of animals, they will prey on those creatures.

This commonly includes domestic animals such as cats and dogs. While alligators do attempt to avoid people, increases in populations, construction, and new building by humans often leave alligators depleted of their natural habitats.

As a result, they may wander on streets, in neighborhoods, and on private property. This rarely results in immediate danger but may frighten people.

Classification of Alligators

Alligators are protected by the federal government, but there are approvals granted to certain states that permit for the overall management and the control of the creatures. Individuals and companies that hold special licenses and/or permits are able to be taken in a legal manner.

In the State of South Carolina, there are special programs that allow for the control nuisance alligators. Additionally, hunters that have a permit are allowed to kill or initiate the removal of the creatures.

If you have an issue with a nuisance alligator, we here at Palmetto Wildlife Removal hold the license to remove alligators and are able to assist you.

Health and Safety

Alligators are not commonly aggressive towards people; however, unprovoked attacks by the creatures may occur and have occurred throughout the state’s history. While most attacks do not result in immediate death, approximately one-third have.

These have stemmed from attacks involving multiple bites and major injuries. Then, many have died from an attack as a result of being suffocated or being drowned by the alligator that was responsible for the attack. Alligators have very sharp teeth, strong jaws, and immense levels of strength.

If you have a nuisance alligator on your property, do not take any chances. Contact us here at Palmetto Wildlife Removal immediately so that we may remove the creature quickly and safely. Call 855-465-1088 now!

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