Alligator Removal

Alligator Removal
It is not uncommon to come across an alligator in South Carolina. You can find them mostly from the coastal areas to the midlands. They can be a huge problem for some residents. How would you like to wake up to an alligator in your yard? It could be rather scary to say the least. All of this fear can lead to your being unable to think. It seems easy enough to barricade yourself in your house and never leave, but that is not an answer to this problem. You have to deal with this problem head on in order to permanently get rid of this alligator.

So, what is the safest and best approach to ridding your property of an alligator?

Alligator deterrents

It would be so easy if we could just go to the store and purchase some alligator spray. It would magically and effectively protect our yards from any alligator looking to become a part of our scenery. However, the sad truth is that there is no magical alligator spray that can protect your property. If you go online and check your local stores, you will find that there are no working deterrents either natural or man-made that will effectively deter alligators. Also, you cannot purchase any decoy to intimidate these creatures from entering your yard. As an apex predator located at the very top of the food chain, an alligator is practically fearless.

If you do happen to find one or more of these animals trespassing in your yard, the truth of the situation is that there is not much you can do to rid yourself of this imposing animal except for calling and relying on professional wildlife removers for help.

Trapping and removal

When most people see an alligator our first reaction is to run, but once we are a safe distance from the alligator, we know we have to find a way to permanently remove this animal from our property. Can we safely trap and remove this alligator by ourselves? For many reasons this could be a terrible decision. Alligators are dangerous and have no problem with attacking people or their pets. So, you need to keep your family and yourself safe. You have to call in professionals that know how to properly approach an alligator and defend themselves against alligator attacks. Most trapped alligators are extremely vicious and have been known to kill people even while in the trap.

For the most part, any of the alligators under four feet long are relocated, and any that are larger are humanely killed. It is dangerous having a huge animal wandering around near homes and people, and these are the way that they have to be dealt with.

Alligators can cause havoc for property owners. Usually, during their mating season, is when you will have more of a problem of coming across one in your yard. The peak months are April and May. The bad news is that if you have had an alligator in your yard once, it is pretty safe to assume that it could happen again. By calling in the professionals to remove the alligator, you can stay safe but also receive tips on how to make your yard less attractive to them. It is also a safe bet that as we continue to encroach among the alligator’s habitat that alligator-human contact will probably only increase in the future. So, play it safe and call in someone who knows how to properly and safely remove this animal from your property.


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