Common Snake Myths Debunked

We have all heard them. Nice little urban legends that get passed around from one person to another that we all take at face value. Well they are not all true. For example, there is one about snakes that claim that they will creep up on you in the night and snatch you away into the shadows. The person or persons will never be heard from again because the snake devoured them whole. Just so you know, this does not happen, and there are many other common snake myths that are untrue. Here we take a look at a few of the more common ones and debunk them.


  • Every snake has fangs and if one bites you, it will cause you pain and you will die. The truth is that not every snake has fangs or even venom for that matter. There are also some snake bites that do not hurt. However, it is best not to go around trying to find out which ones cause pain. It boils down to how much pain the snake wants you to feel and how good they have become at controlling their bite. The main thing is that if a snake wants you to feel pain then you will.
  • If you have a pet boa or python, it will eat you. Most pythons and boas that are pets will never reach the size where they will be able to actually eat you. Ball pythons, jungle carpet pythons, and red tail boas are all examples of pet snakes that will never be able to reach the size required to devour their owners. Even of you own a larger pet snake, like the Burmese or reticulated pythons, the likelihood of them eating you is extremely slim. It is in your best interest to know all you can about pet snake ownership before you own a snake.
  • Snakes carry Salmonella and contact with them can cause you to become sick. Yes, snakes are carriers of Salmonella, but the chances of them making you sick are small, especially if you take the proper precautions. Do not put the snake in or near your mouth and always clean your hands after you handle a snake. Clean your snake’s cage as soon as you can once the snake uses the bathroom in it because this is where they come in contact with Salmonella. You should also give your snake a bath if it happens to wander across its feces and clean its cage at least once a month. Remove everything and give the cage a good scrubbing just to play it safe.

It can be hard to tell what is true or false when it comes to snake myths. If you ever encounter a snake you are unfamiliar with and do not know what to do, the best thing is to slowly leave the area. You do not want to agitate or corner a snake because it will hurt you or kill you if it is poisonous. So, if there are any unwanted snakes in your house or yard leave them alone and call in a professional, who will know how to handle the snake and the situation.

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