Coyote Removal

The mere fact that coyotes are predators makes us view them as pests. We do not want them around us, our children, our homes, pets or livestock. Coyotes have been known to prey on sheep, chickens, family pets and most people tend to fear for their safety when they are near. In the past fifty years the coyote population and their geographical range has increased. This is mostly due in part to humans modifying and invading their habitat. They are also highly adaptable and can now be found almost everywhere in North America.


Coyote removal
The best method to use to remove coyotes is trapping and relocation. You should contact your local wildlife specialist to do this. It can be difficult to trap a coyote, and most of us would not want to handle a live coyote or know what to do with a live coyote once it is trapped. They are extremely dangerous and can carry a number of diseases, such as rabies, which can easily be passed along to you or your pets. If you are leery about handling a coyote, you should definitely call in some sort of professional help. There are also many different state laws and regulations you need to consider before relocating or euthanizing a coyote, so it would probably be best to call in the pros when dealing with a coyote removal.

Coyote prevention
Can’t I just use some sort of repellent to keep coyotes of off my property? No , at this time there are no effective repellents or deterrents to keep away coyotes, but there are a few steps you can use to help keep them off of your property. You need to ensure that all food or any food source is put away. You should keep your pet food inside, secure trash bins, trim bushes and trees, bring in bird feeders at night, and pick up any fallen fruits, vegetables, or seeds from your garden. Fences can also used to deter coyotes. A coyote will climb a regular fence that is not at least five feet high, and they are also known to dig. So, your fence should also be at least eight inches underground. You can also put coyote rollers on a wire fence to stop the coyote from climbing over your fence. An electric fence is a little different. It does not need to be as high because when the coyote attempts to climb it, they will receive a shocking surprise.

Coyotes have adapted fairly well to living alongside people. They are notoriously able to adapt to their environment, which makes it hard to deter or remove them from your property. They are scavengers and tend to eat whatever they can. They are not picky when it comes to a food source, which is why if you find them or any evidence that might lead you to believe there are coyotes around, you need to quickly do something about it.

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