Bird Droppings Considered to Be Highly Hazardous to Your Health

While bird droppings are actually nutrient-rich, they also contain disease-carrying organisms that may prove to be hazardous to the health of humans.Bird Droppings

According to recent studies, birds have the ability to carry up to about 60 different transmittable diseases.

While often underreported, scientists, doctors, and other specialists have confirmed that bird feces may endanger our lives.

If you have noticed a bird infestation or seemingly large populations that are roosting on your property, continue reading to learn about the dangers that you may be exposed to if you do not opt for bird removal.


Many bird droppings – such as those from starlings and pigeons – contaminate the soil. This results in the formation of air-based fungus spores. When people inhale these spores, infection may develop.

In some instances, the infection only results in a minor illness. However, there are instances where the illness may result in the onset of more serious conditions like pneumonia, a high fever, and abnormalities within the blood.

There have been cases where the infection has result in death. Additionally, this illness could result in the development of another illness, which is referred to as “ocular histoplasmosis syndrome” (OHS), which can result in blindness.


In areas around nesting and roosting sites, bird droppings may result in the presence of the fungus known as “cryptococcus neoformans”.

When the fungus causes as infection in humans, it is nearly always mild. There is an exception, though. That is, when a person has a weak immunity. In these instances, a lung infection and the central nervous system may be impacted.

There is also a form of the fungus that impacts the skin. This may cause sores or ulcers that include nodules that form right under the skin. This is a rare type of condition, but has been documented.


This disease is caused by bacteria that is contained in both bird droppings and the secretions of birds. This bacterium is called “chylamydia psittaci”.

Individuals that contract this disease will exhibit many symptoms. These include a fever, headache, aches in the muscles throughout the body, problems with breathing, a non-productive cough, and the chills.

While not often considered to be a fatal disease, it is possible for a fatality to occur in those that have weakened immune systems and pre-existing respiratory problems, such as asthma and other lung diseases.

Bird Removal

While it may be entertaining to watch and listen to birds, large infestations may prove to be exceptionally harmful to your health.

If you have birds in and around your property in large numbers, it is time to call for bird removal services.

We here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors can quickly and easily remove any and all pest birds from your property. It does not matter if you need them removed from a residential or a commercial property – we have you covered.

If you have an interest or need in bird removal or would like information regarding bird control systems, contact us today by calling: 855-465-1088

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