Wildlife Removal Service – Charleston, SC

No matter how beneficial it would be for wildlife to stick to the wilderness, there is no stopping the influx of wild creatures into inhabited areas. Whether a warm place that smells of food is a business or a home is of no concern to a hungry animal. Unfortunately, this can lead to injury to the animal or property owner, property damage and spread of disease. If a wild animal is in a residential or business area, it is in the best interest of the animal and of the people near it that the animal be removed. That is where we come in.

People immediately want to see a snake’s removal, a skunk’s removal or a coyote’s removal. Here, the “get away” factor is almost instinctual. Bats in an attic can produce so much guano that the ceiling collapses. That is just one reason why bat removal is essential. We can handle a squirrel’s removal, a beaver’s removal or a raccoon’s removal without harming the animal or damaging your property. Of course, when it comes to rats removal in a business area, they cannot stay. Businesses may be tempted to poison them, but we trap. Our Charleston, SC animal wildlife removal specialists do not kill. This means no poison near humans or their pets.

With infestations, there are often dead animals before we arrive. For example, a rat infestation typically results in a few dead rats in the walls. On top of live animal removal, we can remove these dead animals and clean and deodorize the area so that the unmistakable scent of dead animal is gone, leaving residents to conduct business or go about life as usual.

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