Snakes on the Move

Snakes on the move For the most part, the majority of people would love to spend their lives never encountering a snake. People, as a whole, tend to fear snakes and try to avoid any areas they might find a snake. The main thing we want to know is where are snakes most likely to be found and when are they most active.

This information can help us avoid any unnecessary or accidental encounters. Most of us know that snakes stay underground during the winter and come out once it starts to warm up, but other than that the behavior patterns of snakes are unknown to us.

So, here are a few places you may tend to find snakes.

  • Snakes are cold blooded animals and need external sources to help regulate their body temperature. This means that you have a greater chance of coming across a snake during the spring time when snakes are emerging from their underground shelters. They are on the move trying to find heat, new mates and water and food sources.
  • They love to bask in the sun. They want to stay warm and enjoy the sunlight, so if you find yourself in a sunny spot, it is best to be on the lookout for a snake. They also love to use rocks to lay on because the rocks will hold more heat from the sun, so if you are on a sunny rocky ledge, you may want to be extra careful.
  • Snakes love to stay near a water source. They need to stay hydrated in the summer heat just like every other animal and will take advantage of any type of water source. If you find yourself in a dry environment with only a few water sources, you can be fairly certain that there are snakes nearby, and you should be watching for them.
  • Most snakes are nocturnal predators. This means that they will be out hunting at night, but you can still find them out sunning themselves or resting during the day and need to be extra careful if you accidentally end up crossing the path of a resting snake. Remember they can be just as dangerous during the day as they can be at night.

If you do happen to find yourself in the same area as a snake, do not panic. Most snakes like to keep a good distance between themselves and people and usually won’t go on the attack. You should never pick up and play with any snake you find even if you believe it is not venomous.

Most people who are bitten thought that the snake would be a great play toy. Also, never corner the snake, most wild animals will go on the defensive when they are cornered and snakes are no different. You do not want to provoke the snake. If you give it plenty of room, it will most likely leave the area or at the last ignore you. Never attempt to remove a snake on your own.

If you need to relocate a snake, you should always call your local wildlife removal organization and have the experts handle the problem. They will know the exact species of snake and how to properly relocate the snake.

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