Black Bear Sightings Becoming Increasing Common in North Carolina – What You Need to Know

Recently, the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission – also known as the “NCWRC – made a statement regarding an influx of sightings and reports of black bears. The Commission feels as if this is a direct result of residential growth and an increase in the black bear population.

While these bears are not typically aggressive, the Commission has provided some tips on how to peacefully and safely coexist with the creatures. In this guide, we will provide information regarding these tips. 

1. Avoid Feeding and Approach

You should never feed a bear or leave food out for the creatures. If you do this, it will attract bears. If you observe a black bear, you should never try to approach it. While not aggressive, it will defend itself. Simply leave the animal alone. 

2. Secure Outdoor Trash and Recycling Materials 

Most people store their garbage outside in trash cans. First, always make sure the cans have a lid. Secondly, if you have a shed, barn, or other structure, it is best to store your trash cans in these structures.

Do not place trash near the road the night before pickup. Instead, place it out in the designated area in the morning on the day of pickup. 

3. Remove Outdoor Feeders and Waterers 

You should avoid leaving out feeders and waterers for birds and squirrels during the time of the year when bears are most active.

These food and water sources will attract bears and their young and will place them in closer proximity to your home – which could increase the chance for a conflict to occur. 

4. Do Not Leave Pet Food and Water Bowls Outside

When possible, feed and water your pets indoors. You should avoid leaving food and water bowls outside. If you must feed them outdoors, only do so in small amounts. If you store food outside of the home, make sure it is in a storage building with locked doors. 

5. Do Not Leave Out Grills

Being that it is the summer months, it is quite likely that you have brought out the grill and cooked out. That is fine, but once you finish, always completely clean your grill and remove all food items.

Once the grill is clean, store it in a closed and locked shed or garage. 

6. Make Neighbors Aware of Sightings 

If you observe a black bear in your neighborhood, you should always let your neighbors know. You may share the tips that we have outlined here so that they may be as safe as possible. 

Contact Us 

If you find that you have a nuisance black bear on your property, you may contact us here at Palmetto Wildlife Extractors. You should never attempt to handle a black bear issue on your own.

We have the training, expertise, and equipment to handle black bears. To learn more about our services or to request assistance from our team, you may contact us now by calling: 855-465-1088

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