Bat Removal Columbia SC

This time of year Bats are becoming more active. Now is the time to have a home inspection to ensure that your home or office is Wildlife Proofed. Bats tend to roost in areas six foot or higher from the ground because they have to drop to take flight. A Bat can gain access into a hole the size of a quarter with that being said it is very important to have a professional to come out and inspect your home or office. All of our field staff are highly trained in identifying the problem areas and writing up a “Permanent Solution” with warranty that will ensure our clients are “Wildlife Free”
In the video below we were called out to a house in Columbia SC because they had a flying creature in their house in the middle of the night. Upon arrival we detected it was a Bat and we needed to extract it and carry it to DEHEC to have it tested for rabies. It’s very important to have ANY bat that comes in contact with a human tested! Just because you didn’t see it on you doesn’t mean it never was. It’s a lot of times just a peace of mind. For all your Wildlife Problems give us a call and remember Gone For Good Is Our Promise! Guaranteed!

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