My experience with Palmetto Extractors is: SOLUTION ORIENTED! From my own investigating of rodent infestation & what I believed to be sound, humane extraction to finding the right person/company to actually do precisely that! I am beyond thrilled with Justin’s expertise & gracious willingness to be of utmost helpfulness in assisting us in ridding our home of such wildlife nuisance. Get the problem solved= call Palmetto Wildlife Extractors TODAY!



While having potentially dangerous wildlife close to your home is quite worrisome, you may wonder about our practices and how humane and safe they are. First and foremost, we never use poisonous foods in our traps since they could harm your family or pets. We believe in using nonhazardous materials only.

When we come to remove an animal, we completely remove it and any remanence of it. We deodorize the area to remove any unwanted smells, especially if it’s inside of your home. Another part of the cleanup process is sterilization. Outdoor animals often carry diseases that they transfer through their bodily functions, so we utilize a special cleansing process to remove any fecal matter, urine, or blood.

Our goal is to help you with any wildlife problems you’re having. We help you every step of the way from determining the problem to removing the animal to the clean up process and beyond.

Contact Palmetto Wildlife Extractors, serving areas in both North and South Carolina, today to solve your wildlife problems.

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