Spring in the Carolinas – Prepare Yourself for Wildlife Encounters

In the Carolinas, spring is a very active time for a wild variety of wildlife. As the warm weather sets in, many species in South Carolina and North Carolina start following the urges associated with their internal clocks. They move around, they seek out a mate, they engage in feedings, and they nest.

Examples include nesting species of waterbirds, snakes, and even black bears. You are more likely to observe and even encounter wildlife during this time. While viewing wildlife is enjoyable, you should do all that you are able to avoid disturbing that wildlife. 

Nesting Birds 

If you observe birds on the beach or near the water, it is advised that you keep a good amount of distance. If you get to close, it could result in the creatures abandoning their nests. As a result, eggs and chicks may be stalked and consumed by predators, experience exposure to the sun, and experience other forms of injury. 


Always watch out for snakes. It does not matter if you are on your own property, in a park, or just the general outdoors. These creatures will naturally shy away from people. If you see one, just stop. In most instances, you will find that they will move away from you. If you discover snakes too close to your home – or worse – in your home, you should contact a wildlife removal specialist for assistance. 


Bears and their cubs will come out of hibernation and start becoming more active during the spring months. You should ensure that your property is secure and there is nothing there that attracts the creatures. Examples include pet food, water sources, and garbage that is not properly secured.

On occasion, you may find these animals moving through your property. If they have no reason to stay, they will continue moving. If you experience a nuisance bear, wildlife removal is highly advised. 

Orphaned Creatures 

During the spring, you may stumble across baby animals that appear to be alone. The truth of the matter is, most are not. In most cases, the parent is usually out searching for food and water sources. Do not pick up the creatures or attempt to move them on your own. Leave them alone and contact a wildlife removal specialist. In the same respect, if you find an animal that is injured or seems to be experiencing an illness, do not touch it or handle it. 

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If we remove wildlife, we will deodorize the area, sterilize it, and clean up any mess that remains. This will ensure your safety and the safety of your family members and pets. For more information, call us now at: 855-465-1088

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